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Complete perfect service system.
Surpass customers expectations.
  Products with no defect.
No services request within warranty period.
Trouble free during operation.

Doers Technology Corp. was established in 1977. we concentrate on producing industrial instruments and contracting for instrument control projects and have superior experience on installation and testing in the work fields.In order to meet customer's needs from various markets, we are always aiming at inventing and designing products with unique characteristics for system integration and applications of different functions. With a qualified quality management system of ISO 9001,we also gained a very good reputation from oversea markets.

Our products, including Flow,Level,Pressure,Temperature, and other measuring instruments are widely used on various manufacturing projects. Other related series of instruments for system control will also be introduced into the market in the nearly future It is very welcome of you to come to our website and order products on net. With sincerity and good faith, Doers is always ready for providing you high quality products and perfect services.

1977 The Doers Technology corp. was establish,With an reqistered capital of 0.5million NT dollars.
1979 We started to manufacture 500 series level switch and 613 series flowmeter
1981 The commence of R&D for magnetic level guage .
1982 We engaged in manufacturing 563 series level gauge .
1984 Our capital increased to 3 million NT dollars.
1989 Our factory was moved to Tu-Cheng Industrial Park and the capital was increased to 20 million NT dollars.
1990 We passed the Explosion-proof d2G4 inspection according to CNS 9817.
1991 The commence of R&D for signal transmission technology .
1993 We engaged in the manufacture of 530/531 series level Transmitlers.
1995 Doers Australia Pty Ltd was established .
1996 We passed the ISO 9002 management system and established pressure laboratory.
1997 We engaged in 602 series flow transmiter and R&D on pressure sensor .
1999 Our capital was increased to 40 million NT dollars.
2001 We passed the ISO 9001 management system.
2002 The commence of R&D on pressure control device.
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